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The wait is over! Call now to unleash the power of ART® on your mobile device!

Active Release Techniques® is proud to announce the release of ARTMan II®. Using your mobile device or web browser, you hold the power of ART® right in your hands. Inside of ARTMan II® are all of the manuals and videos for courses that you have taken or are signed up for. Additionally, Visible Body™ anatomy is fully integrated into the ARTMan II® App.

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ARTMan II® is priced at $399.00, but for a limited time we are offering ARTMan II® with Visible Body™ for $150.00 and $100 per year after the first year.

Download ARTMan® from Apple App Store or Google Play for free, then call to activate your license.

ART® office: 888-396-2727

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  • System Requirements:
    • 4th generation iPad or newer
    • Android device 2013 or newer
    • 15GB + updates (20GB recommended) Storage
  • Every device is licensed separately.
  • Visible Body™ for iOS is available immediately, Android coming soon, pre-order now.

ART and Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment are proud to present the next evolution in the long tract nerve course with gross anatomy.

Complex Protocols

This class will be presented with the dissection of fresh cadavers, giving an entirely new perspective on the human body. The course will be held in Tempe, AZ on September 23-24 2016. It will be led by ART instructors Andrew Chavkin, DC and Sophie Brodeur, DC as well as anatomist Todd Garcia. Please click   here   for more information.

Providers report that Complex Protocols is revolutionizing the way they treat their patients!

Complex Protocols

Active Release Techniques treatments address problems in individual tissues as well as in between tissues. One tissue or structure can affect another structure biomechanically and it can also affect the other structure directly. The Complex Protocols address this by identifying problems with motion, pressure or tension between adjacent tissues. This course is only open to full body certified providers.

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"The CP class is a great addition to the existing ART skill set. Students were impressed about how much they can actually feel the relative motion between two adjacent structures. Dr. Leahy created Complex Protocols out of necessity in an effort to improve the ability for structures to slide next to each other independently. Students in class were amazed with how much they can actually feel. Those of us who have used it can’t imagine practicing without it. It's a game changer just like the Long Tract Nerve class was when it first came out. Most everyone in the class immediately thought of patients they could apply it to." –Sophie Brodeur, DC