The ART®/Ironman program has become the most successful project of its kind. It was originally conceived to provide a venue for ART® providers to gain experience at premier endurance sporting events around the world and hundreds of ART® providers have done so. After months of planning and re-negotiating with the World Triathlon Corporation, ART® has developed a new program. We want to take this opportunity to update you on the changes.


  • The program is now called ART® Ironman Proud Partner Program. This means ART® providers have access to every triathlon that WTC owns (32 in the USA alone); providers will be able to promote their own offices at the races with unique access to logos and branding. Providers will also be able to hand out their personal business cards to racers.
  • Participating providers will be clearly identified on the ART® website with the red m-dot setting them apART® as actively participating with Ironman and the "art" of ART® in sports.
  • The cost to individual providers does not change. It is still $250 plus shipping and ART® will pick up the difference so that the program can grow.
  • ART® will provide the use of ART® Ironman Proud Partner logos, (with signed release and approval)
  • Providers now have the opportunity to be in the athlete village at their local races and co brand with the ART® presence. Since most participants are local this should drive business to the local providers in the ART® tent. Come prepared to make connections.
  • Race for the ART® team. Providers will have a unique access for race entry should you decide to "toe the line." These races are usually sellouts and entry is difficult but we have arranged to have one entry (not free) at every race.
  • If you want to be a team lead for a race in your area, call the office for details.
  • Participation in treatment teams is still covered by your partnership, so no costs for events other than Kona!
  • Participants will also receive a ART® Ironman Proud Partner shirt.


Providers must participate ALL DAYS of the Ironman Event they wish to attend. Please be courteous to your other providers and athletes and only commit if you are able to fully participate.

2016 Ironman 140.6 Races - 4 Day Treatment Teams

Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas

5/11/2016-5/14/2016, The Woodlands, Texas, Team Lead: TBA, Biomechanics: Yes

Ironman USA Lake Placid

7/21/2016-7/24/2016, Lake Placid, New York, Team Lead: TBA, Biomechanics: No

Ironman Canada

7/21/2016-7/24/2016, Whistler, British Columbia, CanadaTeam Lead: TBABiomechanics: Yes

Windsor (Vineman) Ironman

7/27/2016-7/30/2016Windsor, CaliforniaTeam Lead: TBABiomechanics: Yes


Ironman Boulder

8/4/2016-8/7/2016Boulder, Colorado Team Lead: TBABiomechanics: Yes

Ironman Coeur d'Alene

8/18/2016-8/21/2016Coeur d'Alene, IdahoTeam Lead: TBABiomechanics: Yes

Ironman Mount Tremblant

8/18/2016-8/21/2016Mont Tremblant, Quebec. CanadaTeam Lead: TBABiomechanics: No

Muskoka Ironman

8/25/2016-8/28/2016Muskoka, Ontario, CanadaTeam Lead: TBABiomechanics: Yes


Ironman Wisconsin

9/8/2016-9/11/2016 Madison, WisconsinTeam Lead: TBABiomechanics: No

Ironman Chattanooga

9/22/2016-9/25/2016Chattanooga, TennesseeTeam Lead: TBABiomechanics: No

Ironman Maryland

9/28/2016-10/1/2016Cambridge, MarylandTeam Lead: TBABiomechanics: Yes


Ironman World Championship

10/3/2016-10/8/2016Kona, HawaiiTeam Lead: TBABiomechanics: YES

Ironman Louisville

10/6/2016-10/9/2016Louisville, KentuckyTeam Lead: TBABiomechanics: Yes

Ironman Florida

11/2/2016-11/5/2016Panama City Beach, FloridaTeam Lead: TBABiomechanics: No

Ironman Arizona

11/17/2016-11/20/2016Tempe, ArizonaTeam Lead: TBABiomechanics: Yes


To be included on the treatment teams, you must be certified in ART® in at least one area and be current in your certification.

This year there will be four different options for you when working an Ironman race:

  1. The First option will be to come and strictly treat race week and race day. The cost will be $75 (Kona is $125). This includes cost of shirts, tent rental, and other costs incurred for the race. You will need to bring a table!
  2. The Second option will be for people who are currently taking the online Biomechanics course and want to become certified. You will need to pay the $75 to work the race and will be tested at the end of the 3 days of practice/instruction with the athletes. Testing may occur on race day. Did I mention you need to bring a table?
  3. The Third option will be for providers to work the race week, race day and re-certify by attending the Recertification Course where applicable. The course will be ($795) as well as the $75. You will need to bring a table!

All options have a 4-day commitment except Kona, which is a 6-day commitment. Please consider this when registering.

Students are invited to work the events with the above requirements and approval.

Ironman Treatment Team Flashback

ART®/Ironman Courses

According to the education levels described by the PDC, the following continuing education courses are considered to be Mastery Level

2019 Kona World Championship Ironman 140.6

Monday, October 7 - Friday, October 11, 2019

This option is to come and strictly treat race week and race day. The cost will be $75 (Kona is $125). This includes cost of shirts, tent rental, and other costs incurred for the race. You will need to bring a table! - More Information