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ART™ Topical Adjunct Therapy
Finally, a scientifically developed natural cream product for the ART provider and patient that can be used as an adjunct therapy to their treatment regimen - Proven to yield superior results!

All ART topical creams contain the revolutionary transdermal delivery system, that powers and shuttle natural molecules directly to the targeted area in the form of a transdermal cream.

Specifically, ART™ Topical Adjunct Therapy development was guided by evidence-based research in a collaborated effort with Dr. Mike Leahy DC, CCSP and Dr Joseph Gabriele PhD., a molecular pharmacologist and professor. The plant sources for ART™ creams and its carrier components, prove distinctive to ART™

Consistent with the ART philosophy of sustained long-term wellness, Delivra's scientific team created these unique, scientifically proven formulations utilizing high-grade isolated natural plant-derived molecules. Studies have shown that ART products powered by , provide the ART clinician and their patients- significant pain relief, improved mobility, and enriched quality of life. For the athlete, these products yield greater endurance, longer stamina and quicker recovery times.

All ART topical cream therapies are unique in several ways: 1) absorbs through the skin within 5 minutes; 2) emollient creams are non sticky, non greasy; 3) contain a natural preservative system; 4) all natural actives; 5) provide significant results in over 80% of the cases and; 6) therapy can be self medicated with the direction of a certified ART provider.

ART Endorses the ElliptiGO. The World's First Outdoor Elliptical Bike.
There is finally a way to take the benefits of an elliptical trainer outdoors. ElliptiGO has designed a super-cool bike that functions just like an indoor elliptical but one can actually ride it outside and get an excellent workout. As ART providers, we all have patients who face challenges with running, due to back, knee, or foot pain. Some patients or athletes can't run for periods of time or simply need another way to cross train that will not cause additional trauma from the pounding that comes from running or jogging. As healthcare providers, we are often asked for training advice from patients and I can honestly say that I strongly recommend the ElliptiGO as an excellent, impact free cardiovascular training device. It's also Fun !

See and enquire about ART provider's affiliate program (for ART providers).

Articles about ElliptiGO

Visit their website for more information >>

2XU Compression - Active and Recovery Technical Wear
A New Approach to 'Compression'

Whether you are a traveling business executive, or a performance minded athlete, or in rehabilitation from any injury including post operative reconditioning or even just hurting from a simple muscle strain, 2XU Compression is designed and engineered to boost performance and recovery through improved circulation and muscle containment.

2XU's graduated compression technology increases mmHg pressure to enhance venous return specifically from the extremities. Using Invista's new generation Lycra Sport fabric and circular knit construction with 4-way stretch, 2XU compression garments have been designed to maximize blood flow through graduated compression technology vs. non-graduated static compression.

By ensuring pressure is delivered to the distal area of the appendage, these garments are IDEAL to wear both during TRAINING AND RACING or working out to reduce muscle fatigue and as a means of faster recovery via increased circulation. 2XU compression recovery GARMENTS are exceptionally well suited to combine with ART soft tissue treatment specifically to accelerate patient recovery and maintain great results.

According to Dr. Mike Leahy...
"The best approach to Active Release Techniques begins with compression to attain the proper contact grip on the problem tissue even before the shift to tension. And now the best results can continue after the treatment using 2XU compression. I personally wear 2XU compression while training and for recovery, including when flying and encourage ART practitioners to recommend patients use 2XU compression products in-conjunction with the treatments currently offered."

For information on 2XU performance compression and to review the entire product range, visit

Visit their website for more information >>

SpiderTech™ is the natural evolution of kinesiology taping which provides a full line of pre-designed and ready to apply taping applications to treat a variety of conditions. Through the principle of neuroplasticity and sensory gating mechanisms SpiderTech™ Therapy provides less pain and more activity for more people. Created by chiropractor Dr. Kevin Jardine, SpiderTech™ leads the way in kinesiology taping for the treatment of dysfunction caused by joint and muscle pain. Unlike other brands of kinesiology tape, SpiderTech's™ pre-cut applications are made from the original tape created 25 years ago from Japan's Nitto Denko Corporation.

SpiderTech™ and SpiderTape™ - the new brand name for Nitto Denko tape exclusively distributed by SpiderTech™- are fabricated from high-grade cotton material with 100% acrylic, hypoallergenic adhesive. The tape is water-resistant and breathable, and can be worn for up to five days. The 16 ready-to-apply taping applications designed to alleviate pain and provide support to weakened and injured areas of the body can be applied in various ways depending on the clinical goals of the practitioner. The use of SpiderTech™ applications results in a simple and effective approach to pain reduction and improved activity regardless of the clinician's professional designation. SpiderTech™ therapy was designed to be a synergistic and complimentary addition to any form of patient centered care.

SpiderTech™ is committed to continued learning and training for therapists. Get certified and learn how to use this amazing new taping technology. Certification courses are available across North America beginning fall 2009. SpiderTech™ is currently looking for qualified instructors with previous taping experience. You can find more information at

Visit their website for more information >>

The Buchberger-12® - Rotator Cuff and Scapular Strengthening Program
The Buchberger-12® is a series of twelve exercises designed to strengthen the rotator cuff and scapular (shoulder blade) stabilizing muscles of the shoulder. These exercises prepare and protect the shoulder girdle for the extreme stresses of overhand sports (baseball, softball, swimming, volleyball, tennis, water polo, etc.)

The Buchberger-12® Clinical Version 2007 includes several changes and additions for the health care provider and the patient. Progressions have been added to help guide patients and providers alike in achieving correct performance of the Buchberger-12®. Clinical notations regarding when to use or discontinue an exercise have been included. Lastly, Dr. Buchberger's shoulder instability rehabilitation protocol has been added as a bonus.

"In throwing athletes, it is important to be able to strengthen the shoulder musculature in a safe and effective manner. As a strength and conditioning specialist, I use The Buchberger-12® as a safe, functional alternative to contraindicated exercises that increase the risk of injury to the shoulder girdle. I use the Buchberger-12 on my pitchers and position players for injury prevention and rehabilitation purposes." Chris Joyner CSCS, Major League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

Visit their website for more information >>

Triggerpoint Performance Therapy
Trigger Point Technologies, LLC, started as a research project for Cassidy Phillips, who suffers from fibromyalgia. Phillips needed to find a solution for the continuous pain throughout his body.

The well-trained athlete spent years researching his condition and refused to settle with doctor's recommendations of never training again. During his research, Phillips worked heavily in trigger point therapy, which utilizes key areas of the body to release tension and create blood flow to the area. The therapy was working for him except that his thumbs were getting numb.

His solution was to find a material that mimicked the pressure and accuracy of a thumb. He needed a material with significant denseness that could change shape and manipulate to the muscle. Through two years of intense research and development, Phillips created Trigger Point Technologies, LLC. The company is based on a patented material that changes shape after five to seven seconds, thus penetrating the belly of the muscle safely and effectively when ample pressure is applied. Today Trigger Point Technologies, LLC, features four therapeutic products: TP Massage Ball, TP Footballer, TP Quadballer, and Baller Block.

Visit their website for more information >>

ArthoStim Manipulator
Today's practitioner needs maximum controlled joint displacement combined with patient comfort. The ArthroStim® instrument allows the doctor tremendous control over all adjustment variables. The ArthroStim® produces a succession of rapidly repeating, high velocity-low amplitude thrusts. The power of the thrusts can be changed from mere ounces of force, up to 40 pounds of thrusting force.

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