ART® Instructor Biography

ART®Instructor Biography

Andrew Martin, DC, MSc, BSc(Hons)

Dr. Andrew Martin, DC, MSc, BSc(Hons), DC - London, England United Kingdom

Being the first fully certified ART practitioner from Europe, and a doctor of chiropractic, Andrew has been lucky enough to combine his two passions from a very early stage in his career. Andrew is the author of the clinical study ‘Balance and Balance Training’. He is the founder and director of Chiswick Park Chiropractic, based in London, England. He graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic, Bournemouth, in 2004 with distinction. After several years of working with ART, Andrew now teaches and instructs the technique. He truly enjoys passing on his knowledge, experience, and passion for the subject to new practitioners. Andrew works with many professional, semi-professional, amateur, and elite level athletes across most disciplines. With his additional background in dry needling, functional rehabilitation, and gait scan analysis; he attracts a wide variety of patients both nationally and internationally.

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