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NEW ART® Patient Educational Reports
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At the request of many ART® certified providers ART® has developed a new series of patient educational reports. These reports thoroughly explain a particular soft tissue condition, how such conditions evolve, conventional methods of care, and finally what ART® is and how ART® can help. There are currently 17 unique reports.

We have tested these reports at several offices and have received excellent feedback. Patients are picking them up prior to their appointments and learning about ART®. Some patients are taking a few with them, to share with their friends or loved-ones. We have learned that some patients had no idea about all the conditions we treat with ART® and thought we only specialized in what they came in for. But now with the reports flying off the rack we are developing a truly educated patient base.

These reports are full color, with high-resolution pictures and vivid anatomical drawings throughout. They are written for the lay person but other professionals and referral sources can benefit as well.

Each report is customized with your office's logo, provider's name, address, phone number, website, and email. So when one reads one it will lead them to your office. All reports are copy-written. We have shopped the major retail copy centers and significantly undercut the best color-printing prices available.

Click Here to see a Sample ART® Patient Education Report

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